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fuck your trigger warnings. i talk about rape culture here.

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on August 24, 2015 by darryl zero

Okay, so I think people tend to skim over what they read, especially when they see opinions they don’t like, but I’m still gonna lead with the burden of my speech:

I don’t believe in “Rape Culture”–at least, not in the sense that it’s often presented.

I DO believe in institutionalized patriarchal sexism, I DEFINITELY believe in a general lack-of-accountability among people, and I ABSOLUTELY agree some men believe the privilege granted to them by virtue of being male in this society means they should be allowed to get away with doing whatever they want to whomever they want, and that methods by which the more pernicious of men may theoretically be brought to justice are often undercut before they even begin by said institutionalized sexism. I even think sexual assault is a serious issue and that Estadounidenses really need to think about how we successfully navigate preventing it.

I don’t think that pointing fingers at catchy concepts is the way to do that, though, not only because the RAINN says so, but because to do so is distilled a very serious, complex issue down to a single talking point.

Let me put it another way, albeit in a way that doesn’t entirely equate for reasons that may (or may not) make sense once I get to the end: if I said that all white people actively practice “Hate Culture,” most of you white liberals would take issue with that, right? Because you are constantly presented with positive behaviors to model when it comes to treating nonwhites, and you can point to all kinds of programs meant to keep those stubborn backwards assholes from victimizing minorities. The problem isn’t that you’re systematically programmed to prey on minorities; the problem is that you benefit from White Privilege and other aspects of institutionalized racism.  Right?  I mean, I can’t even suggest that institutionalized racism breeds a sense of paternalistic condescension in white liberals without “you people” losing your damn minds over it, so we both know that’s true.

Which actually ties to my next point–even trying to draw an analogue between race and gender here is a nonstarter, because most of the people trying to draw lines in the sand about so-called “rape culture” are white, middle-to-upper-class women, yet again trying to push the “WHITE WOMAN IN TROUBLE” button to remind people, as always, that their problems are more important than any others, despite the fact that, if you want to talk about a culture that specifically condones and encourages the objectification, humiliation, and violation of women, their targets are almost exclusively women-of-color or non-cisgender. AND–and this is some shit people REALLY don’t want to hear–by creating a target that can’t really be hit (because it doesn’t fucking exist), those same button-pushing white liberal women are perfectly content to let the real problem continue to prey on people other than them, while white patriarchy sacrifices convenient targets through an increasingly broad metric.  Full of shit, you say?  I’m a put it to you like this–sixty years ago, Emmett Till allegedly WHISTLED at a white woman.  He was dead within four days.

Because acknowledging the actual causes of sexual assault are a bit too difficult for people to admit.  Men actually ARE taught to “not rape,” folks; it’s just that some of them–a minority of them, actually–don’t care about what they’re taught.  Because they only care about their own self-interest, or because no one ever bothered to force them to learn empathy or hold them accountable for being assholes, or maybe–JUST MAYBE–they’re just bad people.

More likely, though, it’s because white patriarchy protects them from their victims by making them point fingers at everywhere other than up.