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who’s gonna take you home tonight?

Posted in Uncategorized on March 18, 2015 by darryl zero

I got a new job, if you can believe that.

Hilariously, it’s another job requiring a level of discretion and confidentiality on my part, but not in the irrational, cover-your-ass-because-money-kinda way.

Even more hilarious: I’m the boss.

Most hilarious: integral to the job is learning the ability to sign, so I’ve been picking up sign language as I go along, meaning I’ve actually had to learn how to say “I’m the boss” in sign language.

That’s funny as eff.

If I were anything other than a Tumblr luddite, I’d be posting a gif right now of my satisfied, smirking self, signing “I’m the boss” over and over again but, as i often quote Hannibal Buress–I ain’t that dude.