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Hell freezes over. (Sorta.)

Posted in Uncategorized on April 23, 2012 by darryl zero

Phone conversation.  Two hours ago.

Namesake: “You doing anything right now?”

Zero: “Just applying for jobs and working on the novel.”

Namesake: “Wanna drive down and meet some of [Stepmom]’s family?”

Zero: “If you can spot me some gas money, I’ll leave right now.”

Namesake: “No problem.”

Zero: “Okay, I’ll be on my-”

Namesake: “You mean you don’t have anything planned with your mom?”

Zero: “No.”

Namesake: “Oh. Well, maybe it’ll be better if you come down tomorrow.”

Zero: “You sure?  I’ve got nothing going on.”

Namesake: “Yeah.  Come down tomorrow.  Anything you want me to make?”

Zero: “As long as it doesn’t have pork in it, I’m down with anything.”

Namesake: “Okay.  See you tomorrow, bud.”