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Posted in emo with tags on February 17, 2010 by darryl zero

As I violently threw up while cleaning up vomit from the delicate crevices of a school bus seat two weeks after my last paycheck and two weeks before the next, it occurred to me that I might need to make a change in my life.


Lyrics i didn’t write

Posted in emo with tags on February 10, 2010 by darryl zero

(j. broadrick)
And I found my soul
When every feeling has been crushed by your world
And you know, I’ll find
My purity inside is all that’s mine

You make me feel what you feel
I will become you ’cause you know what’s real
And I’ll see what you see
You’ll never be me ’cause I’ve found my soul

And I found my soul
When every feeling has been crushed by your world
And you know, I’ll find
My purity inside is all that’s mine


Posted in emo, music with tags on February 5, 2010 by darryl zero

light of impact and breath, I’m spiraling upward
it’s taken me long enough to take to the breeze
I’m taken by your warmth and abundance
I swim in you and your folds
and, to taste you is something between that of
water and air, water and air
I’m alight, I’m aglow as my back is an arch
I’m here, I’m presently alone

(this is pure as appearance
this is clean as a birth
this is sure as a vision
I forget what it’s worth)

short of oneness and breath, I’m cascading outward
a warden of promises lifelike in woe
all eyes on the crawling, I laugh on the inside
but some of it slips through my throat
and thunder…
…is deafening…
all things come in waves
or so I’ve been told, and so I say


[almost free, almost loose, almost enough, almost yours]

inarticulate, I scrape
the edge of my limits and plummet
and no verse can save me
no trick of words can open your hand
so given, so revoked
so taken, the “me” and the “you” away
I’m alight, that’s sinking fast and low
I’m here, I’m presently alone

“if you go before me…”

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Like most men, I do my best thinking on the toilet. Freed from the usual hassles intrinsic to the kind of life I lead–screaming kids, screaming adults, people calling for money–I find any toilet in which I feel comfortable and clean enough to be the safest place on the planet.

I spoke to an old friend today, one whose legal saga reached one of a few conclusions this morning. Somehow (although it’s hardly surprising given my mindset as of late) the topic of funerals popped up, and I mentioned I wanted to speak at his should he go before me. The idea of reading the eulogy of a famous writer in it’s entirety before closing with “and [my friend] was pretty fuckin’ cool, too” got a hearty laugh from both of us.